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Textured Carpet

Textured carpet has strands of yarn, usually synthetic, twisted together and heat-treated to give a little curl... reducing imprints!


Core Elements

$4.12/sq. ft.

What Is Textured Carpet?


As your children have grown, they've gotten more and more active, which means the number of footprints throughout your home has multiplied! You'd love a carpet option that makes those little imprints less obvious because let's face it, you have better things to do than vacuum behind your little ones every day. Textured carpet can help with that while also delivering a modern look and a comfortable feel underfoot. 


Do you want to know why pattern carpet texture can be free of footprints? It's all about the individual strands of yarn, which are usually made of synthetic fibers. They're twisted together and heat-treated with steam to give them a little curl. Because these kinks don't reflect light as straight fibers do, you don't see impressions in the carpet




Textured carpets make it easy to change the entire personality of your home office or bedroom in one dynamic move. Repeating grids, lattices, and geometric shapes are just a few examples of designs that are sculpted into textured carpets to give them an interesting look and feel. 


And then there's color, which adds another layer of personalization and dimension. How about a sophisticated beige botanical pattern in your office or a gray carpet texture to add softness to the baby's nursery? The possible pairings of color and design can feel endless and overwhelming, but that’s where your local Flooring America experts come in —they’re here to help you find the perfect textured carpet for your home. 




It's pretty much a given that if you're shopping for carpeting of any kind, you're interested in durability. With textured carpet, wear over time is easily concealed by the carpet fibers' uneven twists. You can increase the overall durability of your new carpeting even more by opting for super resilient synthetic fibers like triexta or nylon.


Maintaining Pattern Carpet Texture


No matter how much you tell your school-aged kids to clean up after themselves, they just don't seem to listen. This means you're always in for a surprise when it comes time to clean your floors. Let your kids help take care of your brand-new textured carpeting by vacuuming each week. Make sure they're equipped with a powerful vacuum that can really capture the dirt, allergens, and dander trapped within the twisted fibers.


When an inevitable spill occurs, follow the cleanup instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you don't damage your carpets further. If you know your family members or pets are prone to accidents, ask your local Flooring America expert about naturally or chemically treated stain-resistant options


Installation and Lifespan


Once you settle on your optimal carpet texture, seamless installation comes next. And we're not talking about letting your know-it-all neighbor take it on as his weekend DIY project. Trust us, you'll be better served by a professional installer who knows exactly what to do and how to do it properly. They'll also be able to troubleshoot any issues, should they arise. This means you'll be left with beautifully textured carpeting and a quality installation that ensures your new warranty protection is still intact!


A proper installation is one of the key variables that influence how long your home's textured carpeting will last. Though you can generally expect several years, its true age will vary from house to house and family to family since each one has a unique way of living. Other factors that come into play include the carpet fibers you opt for, how well you keep your textured carpet maintained, and your home's traffic patterns.


Pros and Cons of Textured Carpet


Are you thinking about choosing a pattern carpet texture for the flooring upgrade in your finished basement, family room, and office? It makes sense considering all the advantages that textured carpet can offer, like: 


Other considerations before deciding to add textured carpet for bedrooms and other areas include: 


Luckily, you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of your local Flooring America crew to help identify the best textured carpet option for your home.


Textured Carpet FAQs